What’s With the Name Brit?

We’ve had a few people stumble onto our site who were confused why we’d be called Brit when we’re based in sunny Southern California, so we thought we better explain.

Why Brit?

In 1985 a teenage boy growing up in Britain had a dream of one day owning his own gym.
Everything around him was a reminder of that dream.
It took him a while with a few fitness detours along the way but that Brit kid eventually discovered and was blown away by CrossFit.

Witnessing people do triple the amount of pullups he could do, in half the time. Then seeing them run,  jump, lift weights and repeat the whole thing was mind blowing.

CrossFit was born in California.
Sham was born in Britain.

In 2011 Sham and Sonja moved from Britain to California and in 2012 we put those 2 things together and BOOM!


Welcome to CrossFit Brit. 

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