Kettlebell Sport Test

10 Minute AMRAP of Kettlebell Clean & Jerks (24kg/16kg)

Advanced/RX+ Rules:

-The Kettlebell must finish in a paused overhead lock out position to demonstrate full control for a rep to count.

-The Kettlebell must not touch the ground. If it does your attempt is over

-The only acceptable ‘resting’ positions are the rack or overhead

-The Kettlebell must not stay for any period in the hang. If it does your attempt is over

-Changing hands is acceptable only with a half swing -no resting in the hang

-Any deviation does not qualify for an ‘RX+’ score – Keep the Brit High Standards Alive!

rest then…

Two Strict

Complete the following for time:

20 Strict Pullups

20 Strict Handstand Pushups -sub with strict presses if you don’t have HSPUs 95/65

20 Hang Muscle Cleans (empty barbell)

60 Jumping Squats (empty barbell)

Only full range of motion HSPUs for this wod -NO PADS unless hands are at an equal deficit and NO KIPPING.

Strict press if you don’t have full strict HSPUs yet.

Jumping squats for this workout are FULL range of motion squats and a small jump -both feet must leave the ground