One of the unique things about CrossFit is that it is all inclusive.

Anyone can do it.

This also applies to The CrossFit Open, the starting point of The CrossFit Games.

Anyone and everyone?….Really?? Read on my friends..

Here’s some proof…

All over the world there are several hundred thousand people desperate to have a go at this thing.

The overwhelming majority are just like the rest of the CrossFit world. They’re not amazing athletes. They’re not the best.

They do want to try though.

Need proof of how inclusive this thing is? Here are 2 of the more extreme examples.

Last year, Jenny Labaw did the workouts with a broken leg, in a cast. Don’t believe me? Watch this:

In 2012 a dog was registered as a participant in the CrossFit Open. Dog burpees are cool…

So the next time you say, “I’m not good enough” or “I’ll never make it to The Games”…just stop and think about what The Open is.

There no real reason why you shouldn’t take part in the Open.

“I’m not good enough” “I’m too old” “I’m not competitive” “I can’t do muscleups” – please…if a dog can register and complete at least one of these workouts then so can you.

When I first started CrossFit, no-one else that I knew was doing it. I was the weirdo. The odd man out that everyone thought was mad. I was desperate to show people that this system of training really did make me fitter, stronger and better that the conventional, bodybuilding style, gym based workouts.I was desperate to take part in the CrossFit Games, in some way. To see how I stacked up against everyone else doing CrossFit in the world, and just to test myself. Yes, it is a competition so you do have to put effort into it and there are no prizes for coming 87,000th! But as you can repeat the workouts as many times as you want to, within the set timeframe, it’s really less about other people and more about YOU.

As a competition is is truly accessible to pretty much anyone. All you need is a video/recording device, a pullup bar, some rings, a box and a medball.

Alternatively go to a CrossFit gym and do it there.

There simply is no other competition in the world that anyone and everyone can take part in, to prove their fitness.

Want to take part in The World Cup? You’ll be lucky to even get tickets as a spectator. Want to take part in The Olympics? Yeah…good luck with that mate. Want to play as a Quaterback in the Superbowl? No way, Jose!

Want to take part in the CrossFit Games? Yes..anyone can do the Open.

Young, elderly, pregnant, not pregnant, heavy, light, blonde, brunette, blind, limbless…people of all these labels have taken part in the CrossFit Open.

Stop making excuses and do it!

Better still do it and represent CrossFit Brit!

Whether you do well enough to go to the next stage is a different question but you’ll never know what 7 minutes of burpees feels like until you do it.