I’m convinced that the main reasons people don’t get results from following a fancy “The Rock’s Abs of Steel!” training program they read about in the latest copy of Men’s Fitness are the following: 

1- You started a ‘program’ or routine but never finished it.

2- You can’t out train a shitty diet.

There are plenty of reasons for not finishing a program.

Perhaps it was too hard are inappropriate for you in the first place. Maybe you didn’t have the motivation, skill, location, coach, equipment…the reasons are many.

As a result of these reasons Sham developed a supplemental 6 week program to develop your basic strength.

The Brit Strength Program.

It is ideal for building strength and conditioning in the foundational CrossFit movements and it is tailor made to the individual.

6 weeks of work, 3 times a week, yielding up to 20% strength increases.

The program is simple and when done correctly will improve basic cardio respiratory conditioning too.

It should be viewed as a compliment to CrossFit, NOT a replacement, and participants are strongly encouraged to maintain CrossFit class attendance.

The program was developed 5 years ago with proven results from 50+ people.

We will be offering this program to buy “online” at some point but for now it is done in house at CrossFit Brit – Irvine’s best CrossFit Gym.


One of the great advantages of this program is that it is done under the supervision of coaches, who have all done the program themselves. Many of our coaches have done it more than once because of its effectiveness.

When the program is done correctly it typically takes 20-35 minutes to do but no longer than an hour.

It is ideal for anyone wanting to get their numbers up quickly (6 weeks is quick!) if you’re coming back to training from a lay off, pregnancy, injury or if you feel you’re stuck in a rut.

It works very well with beginners to CrossFit and will help seasoned CrossFitters prepare for the next level. 


It’s an program based on your existing maxes so its individualized for you.

We even joke that the answer to the worlds problems is The Brit Strength Program.

World Hunger? The Brit Strength Program.

Middle Eastern Oil Crisis? The Brit Strength Program.

Iran’s nuclear capability? The Brit Strength Program.

Having a coach present is vital.

Not only will save you a lot of time but it will increase the efficacy of the program.

You are accountable to yourself but also the coach.

We’ve had people doing the program solo and, although it still works for the most part, it’s always more successful with a coach, so we do it under the supervision of an experienced person who will make you do it right!

The 6 week program is available to the public for $350 and CrossFit Brit members receive a HUGE discount on the program.


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