I once spent $150 on a jar of green “superfood” powder.

It promised me endless energy and everlasting life, so it seemed worth it. The reality? It tasted like pond water and my energy levels increased only enough to stop me from throwing up. 

I used to be an avid superfood seeker – if it said “superfood” on the label, I probably tried it. And definitely spent lots of hard earned cash doing so. They all promised to transform my life in some way. The green pond water didn’t. And neither did the maca powder, acai berries or the chia seeds.

Now I am not saying these things aren’t great options to include in your diet. A lot of them do offer great nutrients or antioxidant benefits, but they really are not the magic pill they promise to be. At least not in comparison with some far cheaper, far more readily available foods that have been a part of healthy traditional diets (and even that of our great grandparents) forever.

Sadly, many of these foods had largely fallen out of fashion, probably around our grandparent’s generation, so up until recently, I certainly didn’t make a point to go out of my way to eat them.

That all changed for me about 4 years ago when we started eating a real food, paleo-type diet and I kept reading about them. Eventually I bit the bullet and began to slowly incorporate them into my diet. Those foods, together with cutting out all the crappy processed stuff, DID transform my life. Noticeably. In fact, so much so that since then I have made sure to include them in my diet on a weekly basis.

I now get less sleep and have a far more exhausting life than I did back in my goji-eating, pond-water swigging, 8/9-hours-sleep-a-night days, and yet I feel far more full of energy and vitality than I ever did back then. I attribute it hugely to the following foods that may surprise you as being the REAL superfoods.


Yes, liver. Liver is hands down THE number one superfood out there – read more about it’s amazingness here. It’s nature’s multivitamin and such a powerhouse of nutrients, that I challenge everyone to try to learn to like it. And yes, I know that is a pretty tough ask, but if I can do it so can you. Sneak it into your favorite chili recipe, throw it into a smoothie (yes, I said smoothie), or take it in “pill” form, I don’t care. Just get the dang stuff down.

I love this liverwurst from US Wellness Meats, or I chug it in a smoothie. Yum!


We’re all told to eat more fish, but then we complain that fish is expensive, that it’s hard to cook or that it’s full of mercury. The solution? SARDINES! They are cheap as chips, don’t need any kitchen skills (except knowing how to open the can) and they are a low food-chain fish – so there are no concerns about toxins or mercury. And with a little open-mindedness you can really grow to like them – ask my 13 month old daughter. Here are just a few of the nutrients you’ll get: Omega 3 oils, selenium, calcium, taurine, vitamin D, Co Q10 and more. Supplements people spend a lot of hard-earned cash on. A bonus is that they’re also amazing for the skin. Go. And. Eat. Them.

I eat them for breakfast with my eggs and veggies. C eats them “au natural” and LOVES them.

Bone Broth

You all know I talk about this a lot. There are SO many benefits – I’ll let you go ahead and refresh your memories by reading this. But to quickly summarize, bone broth is packed FULL of nutrients and minerals that are amazingly healing for the gut, joints, immune system and the skin. All that expensive anti-aging face-cream we’re tempted to buy? Don’t. Drink bone broth instead. Getting collagen from the INSIDE is a thousand times more effective than slathering some over-priced synthetic goop on our faces. It’s also great for cellulite. AND it’s so easy (not to mention cheap) to make.

We make a batch of this once a week or so and drink a glass each morning.

Egg Yolks

The number of times I see people eating egg whites over egg yolks is just crazy. Crazy, because it’s kind of like buying a computer and only using it as a calculator. You are throwing out the whole darn point of the egg! Egg yolks are so full of nutrients it’s phenomenal – read more here. Plus they taste delicious. When I was pregnant I made sure to eat 2 full eggs and 2 additional egg yolks every day. They’re cheap, unbelievably easy to cook and pack a hefty punch of healthy protein and fat that’ll set you up for the day. Eat them as part of your breakfast, add them to your coffee (yes you heard me) or use them to whip them up an insanely delicious desert, but eat them.


Obviously there are MANY other amazing foods for you – grassfed butter, fermented foods (like sauerkraut), grassfed red meat, turmeric, etc, but I truly believe that adding the above 4 into your diet (if you don’t eat them already) will amazingly impact your health.

Let us know in the comments how YOU eat these superfoods! And if you don’t, how you’re gonna start.