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What an amazing weekend.

Fantastic sunburn, incredible displays of skill and athletic ability from the fittest men, women and teams on earth!

The winners:


1st -Samantha Briggs! (The British lass did her nation proud from day 1! She is a Fit Brit Chick)

2nd -Lindsey Valenzuela (A SoCal gal, from DogTown CrossFit in LA)

3rd -Valerie Voboril (Another SoCal gal from DogTown CrossFit)

There must be something good about Southern California and the British..


1st -Rich Froning Jnr (3 years in a row…he was OUTSTANDING and frankly unbeatable)

2nd -Jason Khalipa (The 2008 Champ and NorCal Bear…I stood next to this chap. His arms are swoll. He is acce!)

3rd -Ben Smith (This 23 year old has been to the games 5 times now…most people are blessed to go just once!)


1st – Hacks Pack Ute (Tommy Hackenbrook’s team win for a 2nd time. He came 2nd to Mikko Salo in the individual mens competition in 2009 so he is a seasoned athlete in his own right)

2nd – CrossFit New England (The 2011 winners were back on the podium. Last year Heather Bergeron was competing with the team just 5 months after giving birth)
<3rd - CrossFit Adrenaline (Their win in the final event earned the Georgia team the final spot on the podium)

There were my personal favourite moments:

Anything with Camille in…

Lucas Parker – his magnificent beard helped him clean and jerk 355lbs (that’s over 160kgs in real money) and he walked on his hands unbroken in the penultimate workout. Beard power.

Then there was David Foster from the Front Range CrossFit Team. His team were ranked to do well at the start of the games but in the first event he crushed his hand between 2 logs on the Burden run. He eventually needed 15 stitches but on the 4th workout on Saturday with his hand bandaged up he managed to contribute to his team effort with a wonderful 1 armed snatch. The weight was 140lbs.

You can see more of this here.

Lastly we have some new toys to play with from the Games. They are big heavy and wooden…come and find out what they are.