I had a conversation recently with a CrossFitter about workout strategies.
It reminded me of this:

In 2002 I got a job working at a swanky new fitness center in west London.
It had 3 swimming pools, 5 tennis courts, a physiotherapist, 3 gyms, a bar and a restaurant.

It was a horrible monster.

Although I hated most of the 2 years I worked there I did meet some interesting people one of whom was a professional boxer with whom I made friends. He was humble, gracious, talented and intelligent.
He taught me how to do double unders, how to hold pads and generally how to be a better boxing coach. He also loved the concept of varied training which eventually led me to CrossFit.

This boxer, however, used to frequently eat raw onions.

Not a problem if you live on an island on your own but when you’re boxing you frequently get into close physical proximity with people.

He also used to blow out sharply with every punch, sending a cloud of onion breath your way with every jab and hook.

He later told me that when he won a European Championship for his weight class he ate 3 whole onions and a clove of garlic a couple of hours before his fight.


It comes in many forms…