Many years ago when Sham was working at a gym in London as a manager, he regularly witnessed long lines of people lining up for specific classes.
We’re not talking 5 or 6 people waiting. These were large gangs of people all part of a tribe dedicated to what appeared to be boring stuff.

The actual classes on paper were not that impressive – Spinning, Circuits, Body Combat etc but the instructors were vibrant and special characters.
One of them was a 62 year old, spandex wearing, grandfather who regularly taught Spinning classes. He always had a long waiting list for his classes which were overbooked. Thinking of those tight shorts always put me off my lunch!
Another was a 350lb bald, cross-dressing guy called Jody who could move faster than anyone half his weight. He eventually changed his name to Jane but his classes were often so full that we had to open all the fire doors.
Then there was the husky voiced Brazilian guy who regularly had an entourage of 30 women screaming as they kicked and punched thin air. He taught Body Combat, which as far as I could tell made you an expert at attacking invisible muggers.
The obvious conclusion here is that if you are having fun doing exercise with friends you’re more likely to not only come back but recommend what you’re doing to others.
The only problem with this structure of class is that the instructors ended up doing the same workouts for every class.

Ok so maybe the music changed over the years and the spandex got less luminous but these classes are invariably doing the same old thing so in fitness terms you will only ever get to a certain level, which ultimately makes this flawed.
You might become a highly skilled spin bike rider or master air puncher but that’s as far as you’ll get.

At CrossFit Brit we want you to have the same fun you might have in one of those Globo gym classes with a superb atmosphere and most importantly with the varied stimulus of CrossFit that you need to make you a better person.
Don’t expect Sham to wear spandex or speak in a Brazilian accent tho and if he ever gets to 300lbs you can start calling him Jane.