Question: When did healthy and fit start making us overweight and sick? Since the 1970’s we’ve been told we need to eat less and exercise more. Today more of us are dieting and exercising than ever and yet more of us are overweight and diabetic than ever. What’s going on here? Staying healthy is one of the most basic abilities we have as human beings.
This cannot be that

Remember not too long ago when we didn’t know what calories were let alone count them, and almost nobody was obese or diabetic?

How would that work? Did everyone from our distant ancestors up until a few decades ago know something we don’t?

How were they able to stay healthy and slim so simply without all of the confusing diet, exercise and calorie-counting programs we have
Without all the expensive pills, powders and potions we have today? Without even really trying?

How were they able to stay so slim so simply?

What if it really was pretty simple? Watch this to find out:

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