Team Time!

In your team complete the following for max reps:

7 mins of Ground to Overhead (clean & Jerk or snatch -your choice) 95/65

1 min rest

7 mins of Kettlebell Swings 24/16

1 min rest

7 mins of Pullups

1 min rest

7 mins of weighted walking lunges

Immediately finish with a 200m team rescue carry and 15 burpees per team mate to finish.

WOD notes: Devise your own rep strategy with your team beforehand. Only 1 team member can be moving at any one time. Every team member must contribute to every part of the workout. Half swings with a kettlebell only count as half a rep. Pullups done with a band count as half a rep. The team rescue carry involves one team mate being carried by all other team members.