Scaling is necessary…

CrossFit, by its very nature, is supposed to be a workout that you can scale according to your ability.

There are 3 options in every workout when it comes to a movement.

1- Scale the weight or rep scheme down because you are not at the RX level yet.

2- Do the workout as prescribed or at RX.

3- Scale up because you are more advanced.

Scaling down, is the hardest to do for many. But Why??

Well, particularly for those of us who see ourselves as capable, already active, fit, strong and exercise experienced (men mostly fall into this camp) scaling means admitting to yourself and anyone who everyone who is watching, that you are not as brilliant as you should be.

The reality is NOBODY cares if you have to scale. Nobody.
Your ego may be bruised but that’s your issue to deal with not the gym, not the coach and not anyone else.

Scaling is what you need to do to complete a CrossFit workout.

Scaling is necessary for your progress.

Scaling is for your safety.

Just because you can do 1 rep of something it doesn’t mean you can do 5 reps, with 3 other movements for time.

Getting your first pullup or first muscleup is absolutely a significant milestone that should be celebrated.

I’m not taking that away from anyone.

It’s just the start of more good stuff to come, with a lot of hard work in between that will be incredibly rewarding later.

Not necessarily now though… Later!

Fitness is a continual journey not a short trip.

If, halfway through you find yourself failing rep after rep, then you know you should’ve scaled!

It’s never too late to stop and scale but from a coaches point of view you should’ve made that decision before the workout started!

A great gym like CrossFit Brit and its amazing members will be absolutely encouraging you to do more, but you’re not a 12 year old in school anymore. There shouldn’t be any peer pressure to go RX when you’re not capable of doing so.

If you make that choice, despite being clearly informed of the scaling options and it all gets ugly mid workout, you should only really blame yourself for neglecting to check your ego at the door of the gym!

As far as any decent coach is concerned, they would always rather hear:

“That was great, I think I could have gone heavier”

Instead of:

“Yeah…I didn’t finish that workout and half of my reps were lousy”

Do the right thing people!

Make your experience at CrossFit one that makes you want to come back for more, not one that injures you or makes you feel inadequate.

Enjoy the journey.

Train for a lifetime of achievement not for a second of glory that no one remembers after a week.