Summer is all about BBQ’s, picnics, and fun finger foods, which is great unless, like me, you’re not into sandwiches, hamburger buns, or mini-pizzas, in which case you’re probably scratching your heads wondering what the heck to bring to one of these events when asked.

Well, thankfully, there are more foods out there than the standard gluten-filled processed crap that frequents most gatherings, so you don’t have to stand there empty-handed whilst your friends shove mouthfuls of wheat down their throats.

I discovered the joys of prosciutto years ago, and it was a love-affair that never ended. Those whispy-thin layers of salty deliciousness practically melt on the tongue, and they (like bacon) go with almost EVERYTHING. And, unlike most deli meats, prosciutto tends to be the cleanest in terms of ingredients – having only pork and salt, so it is completely Whole 30 approved. Yay!

My favorite way to enjoy it is to pair it with something sweet (or at least NOT salty) so that there is a gorgeous contrast of flavors. I’ve had prosciutto wrapped melon countless times, but was intrigued by the idea of using peaches instead. Mostly because the peaches at the farmers market are deLISH these days, so I was desperate to use them somehow. And I was not disappointed.

Plus, this is the easiest thing EVER to make. Hardly even a recipe! But as my friend Jessica said, “If an oven is involved its a recipe in my book” So I’m going with it.

Prosciutto Wrapped Peaches with Basil
The simplest appetizer ever - perfect little bites of salty sweetness, with a hint of basil to offset the flavors
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
10 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
10 min
  1. 2 large ripe peaches
  2. 8 slices of prosciutto cut in half lengthways
  3. 16 fresh basil leaves
  1. 1. Slice the peaches into 8ths (quarter them and then halve the quarters)
  2. 2. Place a basil leaf on each piece and then wrap around one of the halved slices of prosciutto
  3. 3. Place seam-down on a baking tray and stick these under the broiler/grill for about 10 minutes - or until the prosciutto starts to get crispy
  4. 4. Allow to cool, stick em on a plate and serve!
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