It’s finally over!

5 weeks of testing workouts.

The stresses, the strains, the elations, the depressions, the sweat, the whip marks, the chalk marks, the rowers, the bucking furpees.

These past 5 weeks of the 2014 CrossFit Open have given me a treasure chest of stories from CrossFit Brit so here are some highlights…

Monica twisting her ankle after 8 double unders.

Brandon somehow registering and posting his 14.1 score, seconds before the first Monday deadline.

Brit Crew members realizing the magnificent power of being a Judge. No Rep!

Watching Travis hyper ventilate but getting 1 more glorious chest to bar pullup.

Witnessing Lori get her first ever pullup. First ever!!

Wondering if the gym timer was broken.

Debating butterflies vs kipping.

Sporting a large red line across my chest on Friday night after 14.2, proudly knowing that I made contact on chest to bar pullups!

Deadlifts. Wondering why anyone would choose to do a movement with the word “dead” in it.

Loving Deadlifts.

Cringing at rounded backs.

Dreading the following words: “Sham. When can I re-do this?”

Wondering when I should re-do.

Rowers. ROWERS?! WTF?!

Road trip to CrossFit Vibe!



Seeing Lori get 12 toes to bar. She got her first one ever the day before.

Hoping in vain for no thrusters or burpees.

Witnessing the mid workout breakdowns of several people who shall remain nameless. You know who you are. What the hell is 2 reps a minute all about??! You will finish this workout. You did finish the workout!

My special dead-fish-broken-hip-leaping-jump-burpee maneuver. Patent pending. Harder than it looks folks.

Marvin puking.

Mike puking.

Phil took how long??!

Bret puking.

So much puke.

Constantly hitting refresh to see if I’m still in the top 10,000.

Well done Brit Crew. I’m proud of you. Always improving.