This is another one of those crazily easy, yet fancy looking meals you can whip up in under half an hour – similar to this recipe. It’s full of fresh, light flavors, and super healthy, and looks ever so pretty on a plate! And you won’t get the bloating and other issues you’d get with real spaghetti.

It’s only as delicious as the ingredients you prepare it with, so make them fresh and high-quality if possible. We get our shrimp and veggies from the farmers market, and this always turns out super tasty.

No-Spaghetti Shrimp and Broccoli (made with julienned zucchini)
An easy, delicious and fancy looking dinner that takes literally minutes to prepare
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Prep Time
10 min
Prep Time
10 min
  2. 2 whole zucchinis (summer squash)
  3. Sea salt
  4. Butter for the pan
  6. 10 jumbo shrimp (enough to serve 2 people)
  7. 5-10 salami slices - chopped up (you can sub in bacon or proscuitto)
  8. 5-10 broccoli florets - chopped into small pieces (use your judgment as far as how much you'd like)
  9. 2 Scallion - chopped finely
  10. 2 cloves of garlic - finely chopped or minced
  11. Salt & pepper
  12. Butter
  13. Lemon juice
  14. Fresh basil - shredded
  1. 1. Using a julienne peeler, peel the zucchini into spaghetti like strands. You can also do this with a knife and finely slicing it, or with a mandolin. Pat dry and sprinkle with a little salt and set aside
  2. 2. In a small pan, melt butter and add broccoli and scallions and sauté for a couple minutes. Add garlic and salami pieces and stir again for a couple minutes
  3. 3. Throw in the shrimp, add salt and pepper and some lemon juice and sauté until the shrimp turn pink. Cover and set aside
  4. 4. In another pan, melt some butter and sauté julienned zucchini with some salt until soft
  5. 5. Serve zucchini as a base with the shrimp/broccoli mixture on top. Garnish with fresh basil
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