New strength cycle starts in a couple of weeks.

Your preparation for this begins today, building on the previous 6 weeks.

We ended the last cycle with a total of 24 PRs at CrossFit Brit.

The program is proven.

It works.

Stick with it.

Become a better human!


20 Rep Prep

20-10-5 Backsquats

20 minute window.

Increase weight for each round and rest as needed for each round.

Use the following example as a guideline for weigh increases:

20 reps at 135/95

10 reps at 185/120

5 reps at 225/155


rest then…


The 416 (7 minute version)

AMRAP in 7 minutes of:

4 Power Clean (205/135)

1 Front Squat

6 Pullups (RX+=Chest to Bar)


If you need to scale the weight use 85% of your tested 1 rep max