Memorial Day
As a Brit I get it. I get the patriotic love of your nation and all the best things it stands for.

It makes me happy to be here and proud to call the US my new home.

Memorial Day is a special day for Americans. It is an important day. It is one day each year that Americans pause from busy lives to remember and pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. To those who gave their lives for the cause of freedom.

The bitter lesson of history is that freedom is never guaranteed. There has always been someone quite willing to take what the American constitution recognizes as the inalienable right of all people.

One of my greatest friends, Steven Powles, is an International Human Rights Lawyer. He has hundreds of real stories from around the world about freedom, sacrifices and injustices that people have gone through. Some of these stories would make you laugh, cry and dispair. Usually these accounts of hardships only come to light after a war, human genocide or international intervention has taken place. Having the strong defend the weak is part of being civilized and human.

Being grateful for your freedom is one thing but being prepared to defend the freedoms of others, less able to do so, is the real sign of a hero.

Be human. Be a hero.