The concept of the gymnasium and people doing group exercise, training and picking up heavy things has been around for a while. A long while!

All civilisations with an organised army or military of some kind had group training to make their fighters better.
The Zurkhuneh’s of ancient Persia, were a combination of men doing amusing but serious dance-offs, group weightlifting and wrestling. The ancient Greeks had the original Olympics, where athletes were honoured and considered heroes. The Mayans and MesoAmerican Indians had the ball game and the Chinese wrestled and lifted up heavy metal tripods 3000 years ago.

In order to get significantly better at anything however you need an organised plan. These days that means programming.

This doesn’t mean making people do a random collection of workouts in a randomly selected order. You might improve your fitness by doing this, but it will only get you so far.

This is why we use a carefully formulated plan at CrossFit Brit.

We use documented, proven systems to improve the fitness of women and men of all ages and abilities. You can trace this type of system back to ancient Greece – to a bloke named Milo. Milo of Croton was the most famous wrestler in ancient Greece. He was a 6 time Olympic champion who won 32 competitions. That means he dominated the sport for nearly 25 years!

He got his amazing strength using the principal of progressive resistance. When he was a boy his dad gave him a calf, probably as a birthday present (as you do). Every day Milos dad would ask him how big the animal was so Milo used to go and lift the cow onto his back and show his dad. Every day the cow got bigger and subsequently Milo got stronger.Fully grown cows can weigh over 1000 lbs so Milo eventually got really strong.

The legend says he walked into the Olympic stadium carrying a fully grown Ox on his back.

We can learn a lot from Milo.

Lift progressively heavier things using a plan and be epic!