Who is Lori?

I’ll tell you a little something about Lori!

It’s hard not to start gushing superlatives about Lori because she is the kind of person that you like even more as you get to know her. She is fabulous

As one of the CrossFit Brit original members, Lori and her husband Bret have been with us from Day 1 and as far as I’m concerned, if you see Lori every day you’re going to have a better day. Guaranteed!

She is modest, patient, determined, kind, generous and sassy. She used to hate snatches and, although she probably still does, she snatches a barbell very nicely! When she first did some jump rope work with Sham, she only knew how to do backwards single unders -actually harder than forward single unders!  She’s squatted 155lbs for 20 reps unbroken and she would probably do GHD sit-ups every day if you told her to.

Lori has been doing CrossFit consistently for around 4 years so she is in a good position to look back and see the bigger picture on what she has accomplished with her fitness, life and footwear!

We asked Lori a few choice questions. Here are her answers:

  • Why did you start doing CrossFit and what was your first impression of it?

I was really out of shape and wanted to lose weight. I did not want to do CrossFit classes but just wanted to do  some cardio and a bit of toning. I definitely did not want any muscle! Ha!!! I thought I needed to be inway better shape to do CrossFit classes so I initially signed on to do one-on-one classes with Sham.

  • What do you think of CrossFit now?

I love it! I cannot imagine life without it now. I’ve never been an athlete but now it feels good to be athletic! Sham is super encouraging and the whole box is incredibly inspiring.

  • What effects has CrossFit had on you?

I have gained muscle, which is now totally fine with me! I can keep up with my 8 year old daughter. I approach life with a lot of energy and feel like I’ve found a fountain of youth! I’ve gone from being an overweight, pre-diabetic workaholic to a CrossFit junkie!

  • Barbell? Kettlebell or Dumbell?


  • How many pairs of training shoes do you have?

5 pairs…but don’t tell Bret!*



*I think Lori has more than 5 pairs but we’ll never hold it against her!