Here it is…the one you’ve all been waiting for!

The Gym Challenge for all members at CrossFit Brit for June 2013 is as follows:

Max unbroken reps of….Pullups

There are 3 categories for this challenge.

1- Men

2- Women

3- Most Improved

The rules are:

Full extension of both arms, hanging from the bar at the bottom of the movement, with your feet off the ground, to chin over the bar for every single rep.

You can go strict, kip, butterfly, overhand grip (pronated), underhand grip (supinated), mixed grip, use chalk, wear gloves, wear a special costume, levitate or Jedi mind trick your pullups but as soon as you drop from the bar, your attempt is over.

The Most Improved category is reserved for members who go from zero to hero for their pullups.

Perhaps you don’t have a single pullup currently and you get your first by the end of the month. Well you stand a good chance to win under the Most Improved group.

Prizes up for grabs.