I recently read a blog post by a respected Physical Therapist, who talked about shoulder injuries directly caused by a certain “CrossFit Movement” and how he had seen so many of these identical injuries from people who had done this movement that he tells his patients NEVER to do that movement again.

The movement in question was the Sumo Deadlift Highpull.

It’s not an amazing movement, it’s not the devil-satan movement either.

Saying it’s a dangerous movement is stupid.

Stupid, but interesting.

Why is it stupid?

Well this is just like saying that you went for a bike ride and smashed your groin on the crossbar.

It hurt a lot and you had a large non sexual swelling in your underpants.

As a result of this injury you went online to consult the wisdom of all the morons alive, to see what you should do and WOW! There are pages and pages of people who have also had battered groins from riding bikes!

This is scientific data!

So…as a result of your extensive research you have decided that riding bikes is simply too dangerous and you are going to immediately stop it and actively impart your wisdom on the matter to everyone and anyone willing to listen to your authoritative advice, by telling them never to ride bikes.

Evil..dangerous bikes!

Did you ever stop to think that the problem isn’t with riding bikes but with how YOU rode it?

Self coaching at its best.

The problem is even worse if someone else actually told you to ride a bike by bouncing your groin up and down the crossbar. Clearly, this “coach” was an idiot and knew nothing about riding bikes.

Riding bikes is not inherently wrong. The way you did it was wrong.

In a CrossFit class you cannot guarantee that a coach will pick up on every single poor rep that you do, but if the coach is remotely observant he/she will see the most obvious movement errors and stop you to correct your form or yell out instruction for you to self correct.

If you continue to do a movement with poor form, the risk of injury increases.

The movement itself is unlikely to be ‘wrong’…your execution of the movement is likely to be wrong.

This is the whole point of scaling as well. You do a version of the movement that best suits you until you’re able to the “RX” version of the said movement.

The same of course goes with selecting an inappropriate weight for a workout and sacrificing speed for form.

On the flip side, I was once told by one of the CrossFit Brit members that the “coach” at the gym they used to go told them something amazing, referring to a movement.

“If it hurts, you’re doing it right”

Sorry folks but this “coach” needs to be kicked in the balls.

Do the movement right, it will not hurt, unless you have an existing issue and you won’t get hurt yourself further.

In fact you’ll get stronger and stay healthy.

How do you do a Sumo Deadlift Highpull correctly, without risking your life?

See the video below and get on with it.