For a long time as a personal trainer I frequently found myself having to justify my hourly rate to certain people.

The look of disgust on some faces would have made you laugh. There were occasions when I had the opposite reaction from certain clients who looked disgusted that I didn’t charge more..but that’s another story.

I used to get annoyed at seeing and feeling peoples’ reactions to how much something costs. Not because I thought I was over-charging or that I was worth the hourly rate. The annoying thing was that for these specific people I felt that I had to justify the cost in some way.

My initial reaction was similar to something J.P Morgan, the famous financier, is supposed to have said when someone asked him how much it costs to maintain a yacht-

“If you have to ask you can’t afford it”

The reality is that we ask the question all the time about everything in life and I guess, inside everyone’s heads, we associate a value to everything.

Sadly in the world of YouTube and the Internet the concept of getting information for free has been melded with the concept of no longer needing a service because you can learn how to do it yourself online.

This may be fine for learning how to change a lightbulb or how to tie a double windsor for your tie, but there is a reason why someone gets educated and qualified and spends many hours and a lot of money on getting certified.

Would you trust a surgeon to operate on you, who told you that he knew what he was doing because he watched a Vimeo video on how to do your vasectomy an hour ago? I say bollocks!

I’m pretty sure that if you really wanted to you could probably qualify as a vasectomy specialist and do it all for nothing online, but until you have hours of clinical experience and actually pick up the tools (pardon the pun) you’d be considered a total joke in the medical community.

You may not agree but being a good coach and trainer is the same thing.

Absolutely there are thousands of videos and free “how to” articles available on the web that can add to the learning experience but just because you saw a world class coach talking about the Clean & Jerk, to me it very obviously does not give that person the right to claim they are now a lifting coach….but amazingly they do!

The road to becoming the best you can be means CONSTANTLY learning from the best. If that means taking a certification every 6 months then you should do it!

For example I’ve been to two CrossFit Level One certifications. Both were excellent and both were very different learning experiences with different coaches. However, they certainly did NOT provide all of the answers and they absolutely did not make me an expert.

As a CrossFit gym owner, I frequently get emails and phone call enquiries on membership pricing and personal training. It’s part of the business and I send a standardized response.

I did however get an email recently which brought a smile to my face.

It looked like this:

CrossFit = $43 a week

Venti Frappuccino = $5 (3 times a week = $15)

Danish Pastry = $3 (3 times a week with the above drink = $9)

24 Hour Fitness = $10 a week

Chewing gum = 2 packs a week $4 (apparently gum costs $1.99 a pack…whaaaaaat??)

Gallon of Ice Cream = one tub a week = $5.99 (they didn’t say which flavour the ice cream was to my annoyance)

“InStyle” magazine = $4 (I’m guessing this publication is monthly?)

Tylenol = $8.99 a month (I didn’t ask why you’d need 100 tablets a month!)

Rite Aid Gas Relief Gel Caps = $14.99 a month (?????!!)

Bottle of Red Wine = $12.99 (twice a week $36)

Add up these totals and…well you get the picture.

CrossFit is a bargain when you look at this monthly list of not so essentials.

Of course it’s worth it.

I remember having to regularly ride my motorcycle for over an hour in the rain just to get to a CrossFit gym in London.

That journey was ALWAYS worth it

Would I pay for it? Yes.

Now what’s your excuse?