Ok, imagine you had enough money to buy yourself a very expensive car. Say a Huayra, for argument’s sake (my current fantasy car). You drive it home and flick through the owner’s manual to read up on how best to look after this *very* expensive investment. It clearly states that the car requires the highest rated gasoline as fuel. Not diesel, not lighter fluid, but HIGH OCTANE FUEL. So the car needs filling, but you’re at home, slightly broke (after spending all your cash on the car) and feelin a little lazy, and you realize that your Huayra could probably also run on sunflower oil (which you happen to already have in your pantry). Heck, you realize that it’d also be cheaper, right? You skimmed past the fine-print in the manual where it said “sunflower oil will eventually destroy this Italian masterpiece”, so in your head you’re thinking – “how much harm can it do?”. You try it and the car starts, albeit falteringly. For some reason 0-60 is now 45 seconds and it’s not running as sweet, but hey, it drives. Eventually it just stops completely, grinding to a tragic halt. Do you then take it to the Huayra mechanic and say “Umm… can you please fix my car so that it runs ok on sunflower oil?”. Ridiculous right? You’d more likely say to yourself “Hmm, maybe I should have been using the advised fuel from the start…” [cue big ah-ha moment]. Although there would possibly be some person who would still continue to insist that sunflower oil is SO much more convenient and cheaper and, heck, the car still runs (albeit badly) so why not? But we’d think they’re crazy.

In fact, most people who bought a car like that would, not only use the very best fuel available, but they would protect the car from every possible damage, and would probably hand-polish and wax it every week – doing everything in their power to keep it as beautiful, fast and powerful as it was the day they bought it.

Ok so this scenario is pretty silly. Who would ever buy a car like that and wax it themselves, right? (haha)

But seriously now… how is it that when it comes to our bodies – something FAR more valuable and precious, even, than a Huayra (and something we don’t get to replace in our life-time, regardless of whether we have the money), we can be so blasé and lax in how we treat it? We happily throw any sort of food down our throats, simply because it’s convenient/cheap/tastes good, without any thought as to whether it is an optimal source of fuel for our body. True – that piece of cake and that bowl of breakfast cereal won’t kill us. In fact, after having these foods day in and day out, we often won’t even notice that we are not necessarily functioning optimally because we’re so used to feeling sub-par most of the time. We assume it’s “normal” to feel tired after meals, to catch a cold a couple of times a year, to wake up in the morning feeling groggy. We think that everyone eventually gets joint pain, that “real” tummies aren’t meant to be flat and toned. We’ve forgotten what it’s even like to be effortlessly slim, have boundless energy, beautiful skin and to wake up fresh and vibrant each morning. And because the majority of people are in the same boat as us, this soon becomes normal. We chalk it up to age, our life-styles, or some unavoidable bad luck, when it comes to illness. But what if, like the Huayra, with the right fuel and care we could run perfectly and look great throughout our life-times. If we got the right nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management, we could be all those things – have effortlessly perfect body composition, boundless energy, beautiful skin, and wake up fresh and vibrant each morning? And if illness wasn’t an inevitable part of life or getting older?

What if the food we eat is the most powerful preventative form of medicine known to man?

Something to think about I’d say. Next time you idly reach for that donut or plate of pasta, stop and imagine pouring sunflower oil into that beautiful Huayra, and remember how incredibly precious and valuable your body is. You only get one – so treat it with respect!

And in case you’ve forgotten, here’s a pretty good formula to follow:

Good Nutrition

Please note: we are not suggesting Miranda Kerr (pictured) is the ideal image of the perfect body, but she is someone who embodies a healthy life-style. She also happens to be naturally slim. We advocate health above physical appearance and acknowledge that beauty comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes.