I’ve had a few requests lately for ideas for healthy food on the go, since so many of us are out and about most days and so, very often, end up eating at least one meal outside the house.
This is very often an excuse not to eat healthily since people just cannot get the idea out of their heads that sandwiches and bagels are the only convenient on-the-go foods.

Sure, bread and bagels are easy. It’s simple to slap on some PB & J and pack a sandwich in your lunch-bag. I mean it’s super practical to hold in your hands, and it is also cheap and filling, but no matter which way you slice it, bread is not healthy. I would sooner recommend eating candy for lunch*.

So, what are the alternatives?

The above picture is an example of my lunch most days.

It ain’t always pretty, but it tastes good and is PACKED with nutrient-dense food to fuel me throughout my day. I’m not going to post a recipe here because it is literally a bunch of veggies I happen to have on hand (typically kale, chard, carrots, scallions etc), some meat (again, whatever I have on hand or am in the mood for), maybe some egg and some healthy fat (typically avocado) thrown into my lunch tin (I use these lunch boxes, since they’re environmentally friendly and non-BPA). I tend to sauté my veggies because I digest them better that way, but this could easily be a salad with raw veggies, some protein and fat thrown in. The variations are endless so it’s almost impossible to get bored of this type of lunch. It could contain any meat/fish/egg, any veggies you like that day, and whatever fat you prefer. Trust me, it’s way funner than a boring ol’ sandwich.

Apart from this there are LOTS of other healthy, portable lunches or snacks options. Here are some from our site:

Paleo Bacon Wrapped Breakfast Quiches

Paleo Scotch Eggs

Strawberry Avocado Prosciutto Salad

Paleo Meat Crust Pizza

If you HAVE to have something “bready”, Paleo Almond Flour Bread is a tasty option.

And here are a couple other sites with some great ideas:




*I would NEVER actually recommend eating candy for lunch. Or ever.