It’s that time of year when people start dropping off like flies with the latest virus that’s making the rounds. Ideally we’d skip coming down with anything if we’re eating well, sleeping well and taking care of ourselves, but unfortunately occasionally we fall short in one or the other, and BOOM it hits. And then what? As tempting as it may be, running down to the drug store and pumping our bodies full of standard flu-remedies is not the answer. To start with, these are not “remedies”, but rather “symptom alleviators”. They may make you feel temporarily better, but they are not addressing the underlying treatment of the sickness OR helping your body in any real way. Often they will actually prolong the body’s ability to heal itself, not to mention all the nasties you’re subjecting your body with from all those dodgy chemicals. So what is the answer?

The only cure for most colds/flus is our own immune-system, and so the most effective way to fight the virus is by helping our bodies stay strong and in ideal fighting order. Thankfully there are a lot of completely natural and healthy ways we can do this that will cut down the time we need to be sequestered in our beds and that will enable our bodies to bounce back stronger and more healthily.

This little clip highlights some of our top suggestions:

This is very similar to our recommendations in a previous post called “I’m Sick – What Do I Eat?

I also just stumbled upon this recipe for Fire Cider. I make a version of this myself, and I can vouch for how effective it is, both for prevention and for speeding along recovery as quickly as possible!

Here’s to sailing through the rest of winter as healthily as possible!