We are pleased to announce that we are now stocking Exo Protein bars at CrossFit Brit!

There are some interesting things to note about these bars:

1- They’re made using ground crickets as the protein source.

Say Whaaat??!

Yes, crickets. Those small jumping things that make noises at night.

Trust me when I say you won’t taste anything “crickety” in these bars. They were created by a world class chef. Crickets are a sustainable protein source (you don’t need 20 square miles of land to grow them) they are also a complete protein source – unlike ‘vegetable’ proteins they have a complete amino acid profile which is essential for humans, despite what a vegetarian may argue.

I’m not going to stop eating regular meat and replace it with insects just yet but I’m open minded enough to realize the potential here!

2- They taste really good.

Nothing too sweet, no weirdo after taste and they won’t give you the runs.

They come in 4 sexy flavours and it’s no surprise to me that apparently Americans love the peanut butter and jelly one the most.

3- They don’t have added or artificial sugar.

If you’re sensible enough to be keeping a close eye on your macro nutrients-especially carbohydrates then you’ll see that the sources of carbs in these bars are all natural.

4- They are great value at only $3 and Sham is running a spectacular offer on them…

You can buy 2 bars for only $6!!!!

Exo Bar flavours are:

Cocoa Nut

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Apple Cinnamon 

Blueberry Vanilla 

Here’s the lowdown on crickets….