Most people can get their heads around healthy meals. Eggs, bacon and sautéed spinach. Easy. Steak, sweet potatoes and asparagus. Sounds good.
But somehow it is so much harder to get our heads around what to eat as a healthy snack. Apart from fruit or veggie crudités, most snack foods are pretty much garbage. Either sweet garbage or salty garbage, but mostly garbage just the same. Think chips, nachos, crackers, candy, chocolate bars. Even most trail mix is mostly sugary junk these days.

So what do you do when you’re in between meals or traveling and you want to grab a quick bite to tide you over?

Grab a protein bar of course! Or not. The vast majority of “protein” bars out there are hardly protein at all. In fact, the majority of them are mostly sugar (yes even the “natural sugar” ones), with some fat and a little bit of protein thrown in so they can write it on the label. All those will do is spike your blood sugar, raise your insulin and send you on a food-binge craving cycle. Not good. And whilst there are some that contain relatively clean, real-food ingredients, these are still not an ideal way to fuel your body between meals. Those kind of bars (think Larabars, Perfect Bars etc), should be viewed as occasional treats, much like dessert, since that is essentially what they are. Dessert.

The one exception to this rule are real protein bars, aka MEAT. There are a few good ones out there right now (eg. Well Food Jerky, Tanka Bars, Steve’s Paleo Jerky, and Primal Pacs), and our favorite ones at the moment are EPIC bars. Firstly, they are from 100% grassfed animals and contain only super clean, whole food ingredients. Secondly, they are reasonably priced (for the quality), and thirdly, a percentage of every sale goes towards an environmental sustainability foundation called the Savory Institute, which we feel good about supporting. Oh and lastly, they are delicious!

So, next time you want a healthy snack that won’t spike your blood sugar and will give you an actual dose of protein for your buck, come by and grab one of these – we have them in the lobby!

Here is a little bit about the Savory Institute: