Aside from the obvious physical and mental benefits of the program and atmosphere at CrossFit Brit, we love the social aspect of what we do.

If you’ve ever worked out solo for any significant time you’ll know that it can be a lonely business.

My first 2 years of doing CrossFit were VERY lonely.

This was during a time when there wasn’t a CrossFit gym nearby so I had to do my daily workouts (which I got from at the gym I was working at. It was basically a regular commercial gym with a ‘free weights’ room, a lot of machines, a bunch of treadmills and, thankfully, also some Concept2 rowing machines. I was the only person for miles around doing CrossFit and I got some filthy looks from members of this gym as I’d do workouts with barbells and running on treadmills combined.

I was the weirdo until, 18 months into starting CrossFit, I talked a friend into joining in with me and eventually ended up flying to Ireland to do my first CrossFit certification. Eventually 2 other friends followed a similar path.

Once you share the sweat, exhaustion, mishaps, torn hands, and sore everything from doing CrossFit in a class or group environment, a whole new world of enjoyment through collective ‘suffering’ comes into your life.

The fun element is addictive…

We were delighted when recently, our friends at WodShop, asked us to take part in an interview which was very cool!

Check out the full interview and blog post here.

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And remember…enjoy the journey to your destination and the trip becomes even more worthwhile.