When I started working in the Fitness Industry in the late 1990’s, the “low fat” diet advice was in full swing but also finally (and very thankfully) on its last legs.

Low fat diets are still thought of by many idio… people as “healthy” and fitness gurus and bodybuilders the world over, love low fat this and low fat that because they think it has a direct impact on your abs. The simple fact is, you can get much faster and more sustainable results for showing 6 pack abs off by cutting your carbohydrate intake. It’s been proven over and over and this should mark the end of the discussion.

However, 15-20 years ago every health & fitness magazine article, written by industry leading experts, was repeating the same advice about cutting down on red meat, removing all and any excess fat, by opting for fat free products (read as ‘completely taste free and full of sugar’) and separating your ‘cardio’ from your ‘lifting’ because ‘cardio’ makes you skinny and destroys all the gains you made from the bicep curls you did in the squat rack the day before. Likewise,advice from the same experts stated that women should not lift ‘heavy’ weights because, of course, it turned them into huge, muscular She-Males.

At the same time, someone who probably had good intentions but was again, categorically wrong, managed to convince many health care professionals and doctors, that ‘whole grains’ were healthy, cholesterol from more than 1 egg a day would give you a heart attack and that vegans and vegetarians were saving the planet, AND making people cancer free. In this messed up world, created by several badly misguided, loud mouthed (but probably well meaning) individuals, announcing to the world that cows should eat grain, pigs should have antibiotic injections and vegetable oil and margarine were better for you than butter.

And guess what..the developed world lapped it up, believing every word of it.

We’ve talked at length on this blog about the reality and the actual facts on fat, meat, vegetarianism, cholesterol and women lifting weights. Now, here is a note on eggs.

Myth #1: More than an egg a day will raise your cholesterol and make you fat and give you a heart attack.

Sorry…and this is no yolk…it won’t.

Here are 2 interesting facts you can use at a dinner party.

1- Japan has the highest rate of egg consumption in the world.

2- Japan has one of the lowest rates of heart disease in the world.

Of course one thing doesn’t necessarily lead to another but there has been absolutely NO research or study that proves egg consumption leads to high cholesterol. NONE.

The Lipid Hypothesis is the reason behind the misguided notion that more than an egg a day will eventually kill you.

This theory has been around since the 1850’s but was made ‘scientific fact’ by Ancel Keys in the 1950’s.

Again we have talked in depth about this on the blog before and here are 2 short videos to summarize that information and entertain you:

Myth #2: Egg whites are where all the protein is, right?

Wrong. Half of the protein in an egg comes from the yolk. The yolk is where almost ALL of the really good stuff is.

There are many people who see eggs as a superfood. A food that is so dense in the quality of it’s nutrients that you’d be stupid not to include it regularly (read as daily) in your diet.

Here are some egg/food ideas that I’ve used successfully:

Egg Coffee

Crack 1 or 2 eggs (or just the yolks) into a blender. Add a large lump of butter and mix. With the blender still mixing slowly add the hot coffee. Result – a protein enriched, magical slap in the face caffeine blast that tastes like a regular latte.

The “No Whey” Protein Shake

Grab that blender again and pour a half a pint of milk into it. Add 2-3 whole eggs. Add some fruit and if you really want some more energy, add some full cream, butter or coconut oil. Mix, down it. Boom.

The Fast Breakfast

Heat a frying pan and add a large lump of butter. Crack 2-3 whole eggs and mix them up in a bowl. Get some fresh spinach, carrots or whatever veg you want. Pour the eggs into the pan and wait until they set. Add the veg to one half. Add some grated cheese if you want. Add some meat if you want. Fold the empty half onto the filled half. Cook for about 90 seconds. Put the result on a plate, add seasoning to taste and eat it.

Add freshly made bacon cos bacon goes with everything.

Most people call this an omelette.

The Even Faster Breakfast

Boil 3 eggs the night before. Shell them and put them in the fridge ready to eat.

Add freshly made bacon cos bacon goes with everything.

The Lazy Boy

Buy some pickled eggs from a shop. They are cooked, ready to eat and go well with bacon.

An egg may seem like a simple, boring thing, but it’s a wonderful food. Really we should count ourselves very fortunate that we have such a plentiful supply of a food that some people would risk their lives for.