Why are we concerned with what you eat? Because nutrition is the foundation of optimal health and the starting point for any good fitness program. How you eat has a profound effect on how you look, feel and perform, and we believe that in order to achieve your potential in all these areas, paying close attention to how you are fueling your body is essential.

Real Food Pyramid

We believe that a good nutritional program should be centered around eating real food. This is not about fad diets, fancy supplements or weight-loss gimmicks. This is about fueling your body with what it was designed to run best on, ie. whole, unprocessed foods such as high quality grassfed meat, wild caught seafood, eggs, fresh vegetables and fruits, and healthy sources of dietary fats. Simple.
Finding optimum health also requires avoiding nutrient-poor foods that lead to inflammation in the body. These foods to avoid, include grains, sugar, soy, low-fat processed dairy and industrial seed oils.

We will guide you to creating a food plan that will boost a healthy metabolism, heal your digestive tract, reduce systemic inflammation and help you achieve your ideal body composition – all while reducing cravings and establishing a healthy relationship with food.

Here are some awesome books we’d recommend for further reading: