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As soon as I walked through the doors I was greeted with a smile by not only the owner and head coach, Sham, but by every single person there. I’ve never felt so welcomed somewhere in my entire life.

As soon as we started the workout I knew I was in the right place. Sham walked me through every phase of every movement to make sure I was doing it correctly to avoid injury.. SO important and something not many crossfit coaches are patient enough to do. Sham is one of the most knowledgeable, caring and genuine people I’ve ever met. He takes the time to get to know each and every member and knows how to push each person based on their individual abilities. He makes your goals his priority and he does this all while making sure you have proper form. Sham has countless certifications and is privy in all aspects of fitness. His programming is exceptional and as a result every member continues to make significant strides and grow as an athlete.

I had struggled with my weight for a long time even though I was always pretty active. I made endless efforts to get myself in the gym and eat right but I was consistently inconsistent. I wasn’t seeing fast enough results so I basically just gave up and went back to my old habits. When I met Sham and the CrossFit Brit community I had no idea the difference crossfit could make in my fitness struggles and in my life. The positive energy and motivation that the coaches and members give, keep you coming back for more. I needed that push and I needed someone who knew what they were doing. Little by little I started seeing results and feeling myself get faster and stronger. That’s when I became addicted. Sham always challenges me and gives me the confidence that every doubt I was facing I could overcome. I’m living proof he was right. This time 3 years ago, I had no confidence in my image and wasn’t very concerned with the things I was consuming on a daily basis. Now I wake up excited to go the gym and see what new challenges ill face. My health is finally on track and I’m in the best shape of my life.

Crossfit Brit is a breath of fresh air in the fitness world and wouldn’t be where it is today without Sham, the other coaches, Brandon, Travis, Nick and Brian, and it’s amazing members. I’m so thankful I found CFBrit, best decision I ever made.


I started Crossfit 2 years ago when I was in my late 40’s. I had not worked out in a gym in over 20 years and basically intended on dipping my toe in the water. I thought I will go a couple of times a week. My husband was there and I thought it would be fun to go together. I thought Sham, the owner of Crossfit Brit, was a nice guy and he told me I just might get a little more fit. I was scared to do anything with heavy weights as I thought I would look bulky and might hurt my back. Then there were the gymnastics moves like handstands…there was no way I was doing those! Pull-ups were just not going to happen at my age, but I would humor Sham and go along with his advice!

Well, 2 years later I go to class 5 days a week. I lift weights and I am happy that I have muscles! I can do so many things in life because of those muscles, like carry my 6 year old daughter. My back problems are gone. Handstands – well Sham helped me with those too. Now I am the first girl in my family to do a handstand! I can even do pull-ups! Again, Sham coached me on a program to do those too!

I am truly grateful for discovering Crossfit Brit and Sham! I am the fittest I have ever been in my life.


Since the popularity of CrossFit has grown significantly in the recent years, CrossFit boxes have popped up everywhere and there seems to be an endless amount of choices available. Many people complain that CrossFit is expensive. It’s not cheap compared to a membership at 24 Hour or LA Fitness. But find a CrossFit box that has a quality coach and members you vibe with and I guarantee you won’t think twice about monthly membership. Especially after you see an all around improvement in your fitness.

Prior to CrossFit, I was an avid gym goer for nearly a decade at local 24 Hour Fitness gyms. All I did was lift weights and did close to no cardio. I felt that my fitness gains had plateaued, I was constantly bored and got tired of watching guys do more flexing in the mirror than actual exercise. When I first started CrossFit in May 2012, I had no idea I was going to become an addict. Since then I’ve leaned out, have gotten stronger and would consider myself to be in the best shape of my life.

I owe much of this to Coach Sham. Under his coaching and instruction, I have seen unprecedented gains in my level of fitness that I was never able to achieve by just going to the gym. Sham has years of experience as a trainer and extensive knowledge in Olympic lifting as well strength and conditioning. All of which add to his effectiveness as a CrossFit coach, due to the importance of the Olympic lifts involved in CrossFit. I consider a good coach one that 1) Has a strong knowledge of the fundamentals and 2) Can actually perform and demonstrate the movements they are teaching. Sham possesses both. He has a ridiculous amount of knowledge and has always been able to address all my questions and concerns. He’s more than a true English gentleman, this guy can move mad weight and makes it look effortless.

So to summarize:
– CrossFit Brit members are awesome.
– Coach Sham is legit.
– CrossFit gets you SHREDDED & JACKED!
– I heart CrossFit


Amazing! Being completely new to crossfit, it’s a totally different mentality than just “working out”. I didn’t think that I was out of shape, until I tried a WOD. However, Sham is like a personal trainer, and he walked me through every step. It was definitely difficult, but he knows how to scale you so that it’s completely do-able but still gets you gasping. He knew I’d be sore the next day, so he even took the time to help me stretch. (which was almost as painful as the workout)

You can tell how passionate he is about fitness & health. He & “Mrs. Sham” even got me started on the Whole30, and I’m feeling fantastic! (Tight but fantastic)

If you’re fearful about jumping into crossfit, as I was, Sham is perfect because he knows how to push each person to their limit without overdoing it. This box has also attracted a great group of people. They’re all extremely friendly, helpful, and supportive. I’m almost 40, and I think I’m on the road to being the healthiest & fittest I’ve been in my life! Thanks Sham & Mrs. Sham!


I’ve always been fairly active lifting weights and doing martial arts throughout my life and in doing so thought I was “in shape”. Then I found Sham and CrossFit Brit and realized, 1) I was doing movements poorly and 2) the worst, I wasn’t in shape compare to where my potential could be.
It just isn’t going to happen at regular gyms. Being in the “Masters” division in life, I didn’t think I would have any major improvements and had resigned myself to just staying in shape for my age. Well recently I hit a milestone; I did my first ring muscle up!!! I was exhilarated! I could not have EVER done anything like this without Sham and CrossFit Brit.
But the real thing that is hard to describe is the social side of the equation. I am not only addicted to CrossFit Brit as an exercise regime but I truly enjoy the tight community and lifelong friendships that I have developed.


I am beyond happy that I switched to this box. Sham and all the coaches make sure they are paying attention to your form/technique. The minute I walked in everyone introduced themselves and made me feel comfortable and right at home. The way the business is handled is very straight forward. If you email with questions they get replied to pretty quickly. I highly recommend CrossFit Brit!


I’ve been to several boxes throughout OC and in my opinion, CrossFit Brit is the best box, hands down. Many coaches are great athletes but very few coaches are great teachers of the sport. Sham is the owner and head coach and has been coaching and training athletes for 20+ years and his experience shines through in each workout. He is extremely passionate about creating better athletes and makes it fun while doing so. As CrossFit is a challenging and at times, intimidating workout/sport; Sham creates a welcoming environment from day 1 for both inexperienced and experienced CrossFitters.

Another amazing part about CrossFit Brit is the focus placed on the movements and the programming. The upmost importance is placed on proper movement and prevention of injury. One of the things I enjoy most about working out at CrossFit Brit is the amazing programming…. Again, only experienced and knowledgeable coaches and trainers can execute this properly and it is evident each day I come to the box.

The vibe is light, welcoming, and fun. The people at CrossFit Brit are a second family.

Lastly, the coaching is extremely professional and classes start on time, the box is extremely clean and if you’re ready to have “a bit of fun,” I highly recommend you give CrossFit Brit a try.


Love this place. Sham is a fantastic trainer and coach. The workouts are tough but completable (most of the time). My favorite thing about this place is the people, the other folks working out. Lots of types, many far more experienced, some very new but all part of the team, all chanting each other on.


This place is hands down the best. Sham (the owner and head coach) is absolutely amazing; he reviews proper form and technique at the beginning of every class. In addition, he never hesitates to offer his educated wisdom on techniques, nutrition, soreness, and more.
CrossFit Brit has changed the way I look at working out, changed the way I view nutrition, and changed my whole outlook on fitness. And while doing so, it’s introduced me to a countless number of amazing people.
There are other gyms out there but there is only one CrossFit Brit


Sham was one of my first crossfit coaches back in early 2012, and I believe that’s one of the reasons why I stuck with crossfit. A good coach will teach you technique, but also knows how to push you. They know which verbal cues work for certain people and which don’t. Sham and Sonja have done a fantastic job creating a great community at Crossfit Brit. After being gone for almost 2 years, I came back to visit SoCal for about week and wanted to check out the new box. Both were extremely warm and welcoming, making me feel like I never left at all. I could tell by talking to the members of the box love it there. Everyone was extremely friendly and took initiative in introducing themselves – not something you find in a lot of boxes.

Great community, friendly and knowledgeable coaches – all the makings of a fantastic box.


Over the past 2 decades I worked out at the local Globo-Gym. Most of the time, workouts there consisted of 1 body part per day combined with a lot of standing around.

About 2 1/2 years ago, a friend saved me from the boring monotony of the Globo-Gym experience when he introduced me to Crossfit. I wondered how he was so completely more fit than me, yet we both worked out 5 to 6 times per week.

I was lucky enough to workout with Sham as my first coach. That is probably the most important thing to look for in a Crossfit box, a great coach. This person will provide complete instruction including strength, endurance,  flexibility, injury prevention, and correct diet, along with the ability to push you past your perceived limits to levels you thought impossible. These are all things that Sham has coached me in. I’d have to say, he has been an integral part of an overall transformation of my health, body composition, and outlook on fitness.

I am so thankful to have found Sham and Crossfit Brit. It is rare to find a gym that not only provides a complete fitness experience, but also one where community is key. I have made many friendships at Crossfit Brit that will last a lifetime. And even when a workout seems too difficult to complete, there are other members there cheering you on to completion (something one would never find at Globo-Gym).


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