The Open is Back!

The 2015 CrossFit Games season begins with The Open and we shall be doing all of the Open workouts as a gym every Friday evening for the next 5 weeks from 4:30pm onwards.

We will be running heats and judges will be ready for you.

If you are unable to do the evening event will have the chance to do the workouts at either 6am or 12noon every Friday.

Alternatively book in with Sham for another time and for repeats.

Please encourage those who are taking part in this world wide event.

If for some reason you are not taking part, this will give you the chance to see what it’s all about but your support is really appreciated in the CrossFit Brit community.

This competition is unique.

There is nothing like in the world.

You can’t just turn up to an NFL/NBA/MLB/World Cup or any other sporting event and say:

“I want to play”

The CrossFit Open is the only place you can score your athletic performance against the rest of the world, so the more people that take part, the more accurate it is as a worldwide test of fitness.

This is even more the case with a new Scaled division that allows even more people to participate.

There really are no excuses so join in the fun!

Let get it!